Website promotion photolessons.org – statistics for 3 years

Продвижение сайта photolessons.org

Our website and the original project on photography and Photoshop lessons was created in late 2012 with the aim of combining multiple questions and answers not in the form of a regular forum, but in the form of a specialized blog. Nevertheless, after a series of successful and not very posts, we came to the conclusion to create a full resource with a separate forum on a good engine, as well as to complement the site with excellent content that we write for our users.
SEO-promotion of this project is the optimal ratio of copyright and links that can be found on the charts below. What happened in the end, look…

2013 year

Statistics alexa.com and the TIC and PR resource, the trust website.

Продвижение сайта photolessons.org 2013

Performance comparison

January 2013:

  • Alexa = 949 446
  • ТИЦ = 20
  • PR = 2

December 2013:

  • Alexa = 614 925
  • ТИЦ = 20
  • PR = 2

Продвижение сайта photolessons.org xtool

2016 year

We are currently promoting and optimizing this project, so you can send all your comments and advice through the feedback form. Below we present reports made through specialized online services for SEO-promotion.

Overall assessment

The list is as follows:
Продвижение сайта photolessons.org nibbler

  • Overall (общая оценка сайта) = 8.1
  • Accessibility (доступность для слабовидящих и т.п.) = 8.1
  • Experience (опыт использования) = 9.4
  • Marketing (маркетинг) = 8.3
  • Technology (технология) = 6.9

Below we will discuss in more detail each of the items.

Social interest

Продвижение сайта photolessons.org nibbler
As you can see in the figure, there is something to improve. Unfortunately Vkontakte, Mailru and other Russian social networks are not present in the review, as almost all services are foreign.


Продвижение сайта photolessons.org nibbler
Need to improve the size of the photos-this means that not all of them are registered width and height.

Internal links and content

Продвижение сайта photolessons.org nibbler
If the content is OK, the links are not registered alt and title, which may affect :SEO:.

URL and domain age

Everyone knows that the age of the domain affects the promotion of the network, as well as the correct URL addresses. We’re okay with that.

Meta tags and incoming links

It is well known that meta tags-like the semantic core of the site, is a very important element, so you need to pay more attention to them. Similar story with incoming links – they should be of high quality.

Page title

Here everything is very clear – a good title should attract not only the visitor, but also the search engine.

Twitter and print availability

We can not say that this item will be the key to the promotion and optimization of the project, but still it should be given a little time.

Analytics and mobile version of the site

Starting from 2017, I think the lack of an adaptive or mobile version of the project will affect not only its promotion, but also customer loyalty. This is clearly indicated by Google, saying that will remove such sites from the mobile issue next year.

Server behavior

A good server is a fault-tolerant excellent server! As for the review of hosting, you can always read how we chose it.

Some more data

Next, we decided to show our achievements in the form of screenshots. Here are the parameters such as indexing the site, its social activity, the presence of filters, attendance (incorrect data-attendance above :)), as well as the adaptability of the template for the mobile version, rating within Russia and abroad, and other useful ” features”.
In the future, it is planned to work on the errors and make the resource even more informative and convenient for our regular visitors.