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How to make pictures in winter

Today we will talk about how to make pictures in the winter, namely how to shoot with an SLR camera in certain conditions, for example, in the winter time.
Как сделать фотографии снежной зимой

So, what you need to take into account that your photos were faded and dull, as often happens in the winter when the weather gives us surprises.
1. Be attentive to its technology
In most cases, many manufacturers of cameras pointed in his instructions, in the kind of weather and under what conditions it is possible to use the device. This applies to any equipment, including camera and mirror.
In many situations, you just need to inspect the condition of the device because it can work even in strong frost. But this property is not worth it!
In addition, special attention should be paid to the offline time, charge your battery, since at low temperatures the battery runs down much faster.
After shooting on the street don’t immediately reach for your camera as condensation at sudden temperature fluctuations can damage your device, and in particular an expensive lens.
2. Compensation white balance and exposure
When you start shooting in the winter, you will notice that the bright snow will “interfere” as the automatic exposure settings, the frame will darken due to the very bright and vivid details, resulting in shadows will be lost. Therefore it is very important to configure the camera in advance and add in some cases the exposure value. Not to make the overexposed, you need to check the data with the histogram.
As for white balance, the situation is similar, so many pictures are obtained with a marked increase in blue. To correct this error, simply adjust the white balance. Well, of course, shoot in RAW mode that will allow you to achieve better results.
In cloudy weather, try to set the required exposure value (+), and not to make complicated shots with many details, as they are likely to be blurry and fuzzy. In this weather it is best to take simple pictures!
3. Search for bright objects shooting
As you know, winter colors look more grey and dull, so try to visually correct this situation. For this purpose you can use very bright colors such as red, green, etc. the Effect of selection of the object from other similar looks very nice.
If you are in the winter night in the woods, don’t despair – you have a camera! And using it in the evening, you can make very good shots.
But if you were in a place where very bright lights, then the result is – the most important thing to remember about exposure settings. Try to remove the falling snow on the background of bright colorful lights, and you will understand what I mean!
With regard to heavy snowfall and strong winds, there are a number of rules.
First, don’t use an external flash, because you are the reflection of the light from the snowflakes that fall in random motion.
Now about the main thing all winter photos is exposure.
Here you need to understand that with a certain amount of light that enters the lens, and will get the shots you want. For example, if a long exposure is a dynamic flying snowflakes, and short shutter speed – slow down.

Как сделать фотографии снежной зимой