Restoring old photographs in Photoshop

Today we will take recovering photos the times of our parents, and this means that the image will be poor… We need to put a lot of effort to get the full picture with clear outlines and bright colors. So, let’s begin!
Восстановление старой фотографии в Photoshop

To start, go to menu Layer-Duplicate Layer in order to at any time to return to the original image. Now you need to remove dust and small scratches on the image – go to menu Filter-Noise-Dust & Scratches.
In the settings of the radius is set not more than 2 pixels and ezogelin from 0 to 5. Then take Eraser Tool and removed from the eyes, nose, mouth, ears blur. That is, we leave the previous picture clarity and remove dust and scratches on the costumes of the people. 😉 Do from a background of another copy and merge with the received layer…Back to the layer Background and press CTRL+J, then select all the layers except Background and press CTRL+E.
After that will try to bring back the original color and brightness of the image. To do this, first go to menu Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation (Ctrl + U) and set the values that will remove unnecessary saturation of red, yellow…
Something like this should happen when processing heavily faded photos:
Now we need to make the picture not look as flashy and faded. Again make the duplicate layer CTRL+J then go to configuration mixing of the layers and set the blending mode to Multiply, and the opacity set to 30-40% + converting the top layer into a black-and-white color (ONLY for heavily modified in color images) – (Crtl + Shift + U). The translation in this format makes sense if you have has changed color from the original image, as I have-the red color prevails 🙂
Go to the second stage processing of the picture. Configurable brightness and contrast are still on the top layer so that part of the picture is not lost-there was a strong glare and artifacts. It turned out so:
So, we have set up the image so that it’s almost satisfied with the brightness and contrast, but it turned out that the colors went nowhere… How to get them back?
Take the middle layer (which is between the top layer and the background), and again press the key combination Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation (Ctrl + U). Now, by contrast, increase the saturation of the snapshot + custom color. Can try more dramatically change the color by pressing Crtl + B. This menu item changes the color balance. Try them, experiment with color and layering, but the main thing is not to overdo it… 🙂
For example, I do this: duplicate the layer and make it the opposite color (in this case, blue) and the overlay layers put on Darken or Soft Light, etc.
What eventually happened:
Our next step is to remove the bands in the picture. To start, connect all layers into one – Crtl + Shift + E and take the tool Patch Tool. This tool restore the picture by superimposing the old image with the new one. In those places where this tool will not be able to edit the picture, take the tool Stamp and move on… 😉
Custom again color, brightness, contrast with flattened layers, also the General arrangement of the pictures by clicking on the menu Image-Adjustments-Levels. Cut unnecessary parts of the image, in this particular case is the bottom and the top.

Восстановление старой фотографии в Photoshop

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