Photoshop lessons

How to create a photo from multiple photos in Photoshop

Today we will learn how to quickly and effortlessly create an index sheet or a separate file with pre-selected images. The whole process consists of several ordinary actions in Photoshop – more info below.
Contact Sheet 2

To connect multiple pictures together and create an image from multiple photographs will need to go to the menu item program – File-Automate-Contact Sheet 2.
Then select the appropriate options, which include: selecting a folder with images that show settings enable sub-folders within this folder, and group photos inside. You can also customize the size of the document, the depth of the image, the resolution, the location of the thumbnails and the distance between them, and much more.
If you want to remove names for the thumbnails, uncheck this item. After will crop image – and your document is ready!
The video shows the whole magical process of turning multiple images into a unified whole.