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Photo session with children from three to five years – secrets of shooting

In any case, you need to show diligence and ingenuity, but in the case of photographing young children especially. It will require a lot of patience and creativity and imagination. In a previous lesson we talked about how to remove kids from 1 year to 3 years today, let’s talk about how to photograph children from three years to five.
Фотосессия с детьми от трёх до пяти лет

The kids have become adults so that you understand what they say, and what is required from them, therefore, prepare the child’s mother to ensure that she explained to the child that there is nothing wrong with your uncle photographer, and they would love to do some pictures together.
In addition, before starting the photo shoot, you need to explain to the kid what he wants and try to gain his trust. You need to consider the fact that the conversation should be conducted in a serious manner, like an adult – this will give a little trust. Try to find a common language with a small mischievous child, otherwise the whole idea of the photo shoot will go down the drain.
Do not scold the children during the shooting, because this action can only annoy or offend – just explain to them that, actually, you want to get from them. Oh, and don’t forget that small children are not always familiar with those terms and concepts which are already known to you.
In General, this age can be described as positive, as the photographer has to deal with understanding, acting not only at the reflective level.