Photo lessons

5 secrets – how to create the perfect version of the song

If You decide to work productively on yourself and to engage in modern photography, then you first need to learn how to create the right composition. After all, it is the fundamental basis and the main element of any good image. We offer you to look at our advice on choosing a suitable composition, and optionally to identify the ability to get her out of any situation. Of course, it will be necessary and practical shooting experience!

как создать идеальный вариант композиции

1 tip: use one lens during a photo shoot
Naturally, numerous camera lenses are used for different purposes, but the best means to obtain the necessary effect from them is to know which lens is most clearly conveys the idea that you defined initially. So try to shoot with one camera in different situations – this will allow you to choose the best one.
Great to take immediately to the scene of the shooting with several different lenses and change them as needed. It is only necessary to consider the fact that in this case you will have less time to prepare a really good frame and lots of pictures bad that goes against our ideology is to reduce them to the minimum number. And to take a good picture is to be always ready, not when you’re lucky.
2 tip: less color does not mean worse!
Long been made use of black and white imagery to construct really great songs, as you do not interfere with eye-catching different colors. The color itself is a very powerful means of perception of reality, because he can dominate on almost any photo. To make it easier to perceive the texture, lines and contrast, just simply try removing the colour in the images – so you will be easier to see all the details of the image.
For example, you can take the next photo. Immediately catch the eye to numerous details in the image among which will be easier to find something in black and white than in color photography.
3 tip: duplicate shapes and objects with patterns
You can often find repeating patterns and shapes on different objects, so why not use them when shooting with a camera. Thus you can create wonderful compositions, which confirms the following photo with two strong strokes. First photo – a number of objects with patterns, the second shelf, which cuts diagonally through the frame.
If you look closely, these patterns and beautiful shapes can be found everywhere and in every situation. Just look around and think about it – how to correctly change the view and present it from a different angle, to make the better and more vivid.
4 tip: the line and the composition of them
Line, like many other objects are present on any of the pictures, as they determine the direction of gaze in humans, and form the basis of your composition. In addition, each line can make the frame strong and very expressive, to bring something new and add to it the dynamics – this is especially true for diagonal lines. As for the bent of their option, the action and the effect of them depends on the curvature of curves.
The provided photos used a combination of diagonal lines, stressing the infinity and the depth of the image.
5 tip: a special effect of the space (negative)
You can often hear that the improvement of the picture depends on proximity to the subject, and it should be noted that the statement is correct in most cases. We propose to do the opposite – to move away at a decent distance from the object of shooting to surround the object itself is a kind of emptiness. Thus it is possible to create a spectacular and attractive way – this is the so-called negative space.
Photos presented in this article perfectly demonstrates this technique: when the clouds and sand and there is negative space, giving the image more scale. Practice, and you will definitely find your own methods and techniques of photography, and the practice will be the starting point to achieving their goals.

5 секретов - как создать идеальный вариант композиции