In a previous article we showed how to quickly create a photo Collage using an online service. In this lesson we will continue editing collages and learn how to make our photos and give them a beautiful look.
предыдущей статье мы показали, как быстро создать Фотоколлаж при помощи специального онлайн сервиса. В данном уроке мы продолжим редактирование коллажей и научим, как оформить наши фотографии и придать им красивый вид.

Photo collage online – part 2. Edit photo collage.

I took pre-prepared version of the collage that combines multiple pictures, and just added to it an attractive magical effects.
After you have opened the photo editor you want to edit it and add a few tweaks. To do this, click on the effect and choose the available design options.
At your disposal there are:
After some manipulation, I got the following embodiment of the collage.
The material handling is not lost when you press the wrong button on the mouse or keyboard, you should periodically save your results. To do this, simply click on the save button.
When creating and adding and editing of effects and settings, be very careful, because to cancel their actions will be difficult, as the history of actions is limited.
Below are the screenshots of the actions that I applied to my collage.
Added a vintage effect to your photo.
You can apply effects on each other… very interesting.
Used text and edited its position on the screen.
Note: At the moment Russian language is not supported.
Adjust the brightness and contrast of the image.
Use the options increase – and they are right at the top. This will help to more accurately determine the position of your overlay objects. There is also a change to fullscreen mode.
Softened the background by blurring.
Added the overlay effect that will look like several lines of different colors.
Experimented with color for overlay effects.
A few more changes before the final version…
And here he is…
You can now safely save to a disk or flash drive for subsequent processing, for example in Adobe Photoshop.

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