Online photo collage – part 1. Create photo collage.

We launched the service on our website that will allow you to create and edit your own collage online, and it’s called – Collage. The advantages of this option of treatment speak for themselves:
Фотоколлаж. Преимущества такого варианта обработки говорят сами за себя:

  • Не нужно искать дополнительные программы для обработки фотографий
  • Все основные моменты уже включены в данный сервис
  • Создание и обработка занимает минимум усилий и времени
  • Сохранение происходит в любое удобное для вас время

Фотоколлаж онлайн - часть 1

No need to search for more programs for processing photos
All the highlights are already included in this service
Creation and processing takes minimum time and effort
Saving occurs at any time convenient for you
Go to the link photo Collage inside the profile you will be able to download this service. After this you need to choose which image to work in the future:
Browse – select photos on your computer or external drive
Open URL – select external file from the link
Webcam – take picture with webcam
Collage – selection of photo of the items
We are interested in the last point – the creation of collages, as we need to learn how to edit and process it using an online editor, and look at the options that are presented.
Click on the button labeled Collage and proceed to the next window select the settings.
Here you can see a few fields are the squares that I propose to upload a photo. You can directly upload pictures, but can first make a collage layout that will be much easier in subsequent processing, for example, in Photoshop.
Format selection layout is done with the button Layout. You can scroll down for a huge selection of formats perform collages.
In addition, you have available options such as:
After the main processing of the collage can click done and move on to the next paragraphs.
In the new window, you can view on an enlarged scale of his creation, and also add special effects and text.
In the next lessons we will talk about what effects and techniques can be applied to the collage, but now you can save the project at this stage of the edit.
To do this, click on the button Save and save the file in format .JPG. Choose save as from the 85 and above – this will allow virtually lossless process this image in other editors.

Фотоколлаж онлайн - часть 1

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