Photo lessons

Settings SLR camera for taking pictures of children in real conditions

In order to make a good shot, not enough to just have a good SLR, still you need to be able to configure it properly, so this lesson will focus on various options and additions to the device to prepare for photographing kids. We decided to compile some useful tips that will surely come in handy when you photo shoots of children.
Настройки зеркальной камеры для фотосъемки детей

Tip # 1:
Use a special camera mode called “shutter Priority”, which can be quickly turned on by moving the slider to the desired position. This mode not only allows you to control depth of field photos but also helps you to configure the settings of the apparatus in a short time. In addition, in such an important process as photographing young children, this is an extremely important point, as children are constantly in motion, and miss the moment means losing time and a great picture. You can use portrait mode if your camera has no previous version of the mode, although in modern cameras mode “AV” is present in all models.
Tip # 2:
Adjust the aperture on your camera to f5.6 – it will give your images more depth of field to focus attention on the children’s faces when taking pictures. Experiment with other variations of this value, there is no limit to perfection!
Tip # 3:
Give your images a little light – set the ISO depending on the location shooting (outdoors or indoors). An important criterion will be natural light. As for specific values, try to put the ISO to 200 points and below if there is enough light, and do not exceed more than 800 points in order not further to get a huge amount of noise in the photo.
Tip # 4:
The values of the exposure parameters is one of the main indicators when shooting children. Here it is necessary to approach the process very carefully and set the shutter speed at 1/200 second or faster, assuming you can do this as many devices are limited in the choice of this indicator. When driving young children, it is recommended to set the shutter speed to 1/500 of a second or more. For beginners it will be useful to switch to “sport mode”, if the extract you only recently met.
Tip # 5:
Decide on the focus settings as this will depend on the clarity of the photos. You can set the auto focus, which will be centered only on one point.
Tip # 6:
If you choose capture format, it is recommended that RAW or JPG high quality, as in the first case, allowed to “pull” light dark areas and dimming too bright. In addition, the RAW format saves the image as in the original, so it can be treated practically as you want.
Tip # 7:
The use of an external flash is highly undesirable, because artificial light would adversely affect the child’s body and eyes in particular, so it is advisable to find a place where initially there is a lot of light. However, indoors, the flash will be what you need, as the need to address the individual unlit areas.
Tip # 8:
The lens is an integral part of professional photographers, and how is it better from the point of view of the unsurpassed pictures, the better will make an interesting image, and they don’t need to process in Adobe Photoshop or any other similar software. Moreover, it would be appropriate to use this type of lens that will allow you to shoot from a distance and with some real magnification – so you don’t care about the constant movement of the child and to remove him, not running behind him. All the extra “gadgets” in the form of lenses and wide angle lenses can also be used, but first need to focus on children’s photo session itself.
Summarize: to capture the children’s photos will need just a few individual items, which together provide high-quality and professional photos high resolution.