How to make a book in Photoshop with your hands. Part 2.


In one of our previous lessons we talked about how to create a photo book from scratch, or rather, how to prepare the material for processing in Adobe Photoshop. Today we suggest to read the article where is described how to edit the files to create photo books in Photoshop.

Как сделать фотокнигу в Фотошоп


First of all you need to know what format you will use when editing files in the program. For this you need to open a file with the specifications offered by the shop.

We also need the files that can be edited. Download photobook examples on this page. Here you need to consider several factors that may affect future work: this is the format of the original layout and settings in Photoshop.
Let’s look at one example of creating photobooks. To do this, download the photobook layout and check the resolution and image format.

Open the cover (cover) in Adobe Photoshop and go to menu Image-Image Size. Here we see the resolution of the image, its size, width and height and other parameters.

Let’s assume we need to create layout file with size 20×27 cm, We turn to the technical parameters and see what the values are next to this item. We are interested in the size of the cover layout (44.2+0.5)x 30,6. All values are in inches.
Now create a new file by going to menu File-New.

In the settings when creating the new layout of the write data which just took all of the technical requirements. Ensure that the file resolution was 300 dpi is the standard printing (unless, of course, the photo center is not asking for a different value).

Creating a print layout, transfer to the layers with the execution of the design of the photobook. This can be done simply by connecting the layers with a special tool on the layers panel (the first icon) and dragging them into a new document with the tool movement.

To the background of the layout was left white and was in the tone file you just created, you need to use the eyedropper tool and “fill” the layer with the background with the color that will take yourself.

You can add special photos, patterns, and everything you want is directly dependent on your imagination and skills to handle the program.

To move the image, you’ll need to just put it below the original layer with the design. In order to remove the extra layer, you need to create a mask for it, select the portion you want to remove and apply the mask.

You can select the image using the lasso.

Then invert the selection with Ctrl + Shift + I.

Click the Delete button on the keyboard.

Thus you can insert objects in the layouts and edit the main picture.

Be careful! This example was produced only for the cover, i.e. the internal files and their layout will have a different size!
To see what size you need, you can in the same technical characteristics.
The page size will be in the case for this layout – 41,2×27,6 cm smaller than the cover in clear for some reason…