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How to make a book in Photoshop with your hands. Part 1 – preparation.

Create own photo books is associated with greater costs in terms of time spent, search engine submissions, etc. But there is, of course, pros – in this option you get the original photo composition, neatly stacked between them in a beautiful package. In addition, how to make a photo book in the program Adobe Photoshop knows not everyone, but you now have the opportunity to not only create it, but to perform in his trademark style, add effects to the frames, make a collage of photos and apply many other functions.

Как сделать фотокнигу в Фотошоп своими руками

To begin with, print photo book you’ll still in the workshop, therefore, demands of photo centers must be considered. Of course, you can print the workbook to a printer, but this product is clearly going to give a professional performance, so we consider only the quality of the product. For this it is necessary first of all to decide where you will print your photos.

There are plenty of options of photo books and their formats, for example, you can order the classic version in the form of book binding in the horizontal or vertical versions as well as minibus or square. All these books are divided into formats, from standard A4 (paper for printer), up to 30 cm in width and height, and some photo labs offer a wider range of formats. There is one limitation – smaller than pages – the less stress on the joints between them and also more convenient for viewing.

Usually photo centers offer their own software to organize your photos into albums, or offer an online service for intelligent implementation of images on various backgrounds, frames, etc. But agree that in this way it is possible to make a standard and boring photo albums that are not only interesting to view, but ashamed to show their relatives, friends, etc. Because they don’t appreciate the conventional approach to the wedding album, for example, we therefore propose to issue an album in his style, as well as to improve the visual perception at the expense of independent work.
If you have already chosen a suitable photo center, you are looking for on its website useful information about formats and rate books.

Note: the Layout is an original file with your experience.
You should pay attention to such items as:

The resolution in the layout
Color model
Accepted file types
The layout and numbering layout files
Pruning pages
ACC hard cover
Safe area
Additional data

Let’s examine each in order:
The resolution in the layout is necessary in order to let you know that the destination file will not be changed, and more specifically, to their native resolution. Ie you see on the screen quality the resolution is 800 600 pixels, but kept the resolution in the file otherwise and put on the 300 dots per inch (dpi) – so it is accepted in the printing industry, and, say, 150 dots per inch. Referring to photo center, the file will be automatically transferred to their workspace, and your shot will lose the original quality by increasing the image up to 300 pixels. To prevent this from happening – put the values indicated in the technical features in the manufacture of photo books.
Everything else you also need to put in the settings of Photoshop, as indicated in the characteristics of the darkroom. These include: a color model is usually sRGB profile, the files you want to save from the reduced layers in one and the extension TIF, PDF, JPEG. I recommend staying on the TIF, as it is the basis of printing and there is used, what can be said about a compressed image format JPEG, or PDF format. The latter format is still need to know HOW to save, in order not to lose data and the quality of the pictures!
As for the layout and numbering of the final result, then the company can present different requirements, so please read carefully the technical features of the output files. It depends primarily on the equipment, which produces the print layouts, so many manufacturers require their own settings.
ACC, cutting pages and cover, flyleaf – all these data are necessary for the preparation of the layout inside the Adobe Photoshop program, so study them thoroughly, then the designer is not rules your files and also you did not spend additional time to process the material.

Materials and manufacturing technology books can be radically different from each other, so you initially need to choose them when creating a layout of the photobook.
In the next lesson on creating a photo book yourself, we will consider just one version, but the excellent when making a wedding book – the so-called “Suite” format, this is the most expensive option, but at the same time and the highest quality.
You can use other options – here the most important thing to understand the techniques of layout, and also to understand on what characteristics you should pay close attention to and which to skip.

Как сделать фотокнигу в Фотошоп своими руками