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Tips for the photographer by Henri Cartier-Bresson

The greatest art of photography is in the details, so to remove the camera is not only fun but also practice at the same time. One of the most famous and great photographers of the 20th century is Henri Cartier Bresson, which is recognized as a genius of photography during his lifetime and the founder of the genre of photo essay. Today let’s discuss tips masters and talk about how big the interest is his work, not losing its relevance to this day.
Советы фотографу

Geometry and focusing on her center and border frame
A clear understanding of the structure of the frame – distinctive characteristic and feature of all photos of the author. Amazing value and merging even contradictory elements while shooting, shadows into one. Careful preparation, selection and alignment, centering. Usually his images are multidimensional and contain natural items, and therefore get good pictures.
Patience and hard work, soft work
For the experienced photographer important factor is his invisible presence and sharp eyes. To catch a good shot, it is necessary at the decisive moment to press the shutter button along with the culminating event. Many modern critics have noted the calmness and consistency of the famous photographer during the photo shoot he could wait for the moment when passing by the man who makes this song really complete. In addition, he left numerous personnel from the one that made all the elements, and they were located as was intended originally. But in the end, talking about the present critical moment, he affirmed the ultimate spontaneity in the decision of the photographer to make the frame.
Explore this beautiful world, traveling
Passionate about traveling around the world, French photographer love to have visited in many parts of the world, removing the local residents and their homes. During these visits, he talked quite a lot, acquainted with the customs and tried to soak in the atmosphere. Of course, all the shooting took a long period, but he did not regret the time spent, and even lived in India for a year to create a series of photographs of this country. Henry was absolutely sure that the communication and the traditions of other Nations will be able to charge it for creative inspiration and to expand g round the world.
One lens while taking the photo
Years of experience the artist has shown an amazing item for personal use, he used the same lens 50 mm, which in his view is a natural extension of the eyes of someone who takes pictures. In addition, this accessory has served him well for several decades. Despite the fact that now technology allows you to show the photographer’s composition, a classic of the genre prefers to remain faithful to their lens.
Take photos of children
Photos of children almost always look natural and “real”, so photographing children is a great way to capture casual portraits, beautiful smile, and more. An acknowledged genius of the modern world have a picture of the boy carrying bottles of wine, and this picture became popular and famous all over the world due to its sincerity, the facial expression and the set frame.
Invisibility while shooting
The most important quality in addition to technique of shooting is probably merging with the crowd, invisible presence of the photographer. According to some sources, Henri sometimes covered with a handkerchief and sealed with tape the brightest and most brilliant elements of his own camera. In addition, he dressed very modestly, so as not to attract too much attention, quite actively moving from one point to another. Due to this the quality of shots he was objective and real.
Share your experiences as an artist
Cartier-Bresson knew how to draw, so often drew comparisons of paintings with a photo. Also not by chance, he again returned to this occupation in the last years of his life. Henri talked about the fact that the viewer looks at the picture as a finished work of art, as well as a composition that needs attention.
Don’t frame your shots
Henri was absolutely convinced that it is impossible to crop the finished photo, even if the composition was shifted. He is confident that the composition itself is built once, when taking pictures. The photographer says that the process is an instant event organization of various forms that can Express it fully.
The quest for new, uncharted
Instead of trying to exalt their own prowess to the rank of a cult, a photographer has to strive for new heights, to move forward to new knowledge and unexplored horizons. He was absolutely sure that the confidence and complacency that block the full development of creative personality. He used to say that the first ten thousand shots are the worst.
Do not chase the number of frames
The author focuses on the fact that it is not necessary to photograph too much, and also not to waste film waste, because it is about the same as overeating – and this is a bad sign for the photographer. However, he also talked about the fact that obtaining milk consists of milking, and receiving oil from the enormous amount of milk. Probably such peculiarities, noted photographer, and helped him to become so popular. He, like anyone else, understood the “Golden mean”, while defining that any photography must have a specific purpose and designed to trifles.

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