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Component Phoca Favicon in Joomla

The existence of several options create a favicon improves Joomla. Another way to create icons favourites will be discussed in this article…
Компонент Phoca Favicon в Joomla


This component, unlike the other, is a much simpler solution when replacing standard icons located to the left of the page URL.
So, what do we have? The component generates the favicon in Joomla CMS. You can change the icon at any time convenient for you, not thinking about where and how to create a image resolution, properties for its creation.
First you must choose the template for future use favicon. Then upload the image to create icons. Finally, click “create” or “create” (in the Russian version), then favicon is successfully generated by the program. Below in the column “info” there is a hint that you need to clear the browser cache and press F5 in order for the changes to take effect, and you could see the new beautiful you just created the icon 🙂
No need to go into template settings and manually change the site icon.
Using the component, no need for a graphics editor, because the dimensions are filled in automatically.
Quickly and easily create a favicon by pressing 3 buttons – nothing more.