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Future Prospects for Bitcoin Cranes


It’s now 2021, but at the very beginning of the year, digital currencies have skyrocketed, crossing the $40,000 per BTC mark, and consequently those who invested their money in digital signs have automatically acquired interest!

What does this mean for users of so-called cranes, which give out an enriched amount in satos and other “digital stuff” once per hour in order to attract users to their projects online?

Good, unfortunately, is not enough, because the number of given out satoshes changes not in the large side, and many cranes simply closed, not withstanding the competition. But there is always a way out of this situation.


I present to you list of paying cranes, which stayed afloat and try to motivate their users with bonuses, lottery tickets, etc.! In addition, the number of such resources is constantly growing, despite the rising rate of bitcoin and other digital currencies. This is most likely due to the fact that there is still a probability of decline in the rate, and consequently the increase in the prime rate.

The biggest problem in my opinion is that sooner or later 1 time per hour we will get 1 satoshi or less, that in future will lead to simple leaving of people from such sites, it is confirmed by the fact that for example some resources like free-tether started talking about depositing. Also the minimum amount given out by sites may simply depreciate, because 1 satoshi – it seems to be a lot on the one hand, but on the other hand with the rise of bitcoin, what is the minimum amount to collect a crane once per hour? So, for example, the site btcspinner switched from words to deeds and set the minimum – 1 Satoshi per hour. Just as a bonus you will now get additional lottery tickets.

What to do?

First of all, you need to identify those projects that have really worked for a long time. We gathered them on separate page, where everyone can get a link to the site and a short description of the service.

In addition, we also confirm with screenshots that we withdraw Satosh and other digital currencies, so projects like freebitcoin are trustworthy.


Alternatives and Similar Projects


We are always looking for the best options from the given ones, so we help our visitors not to waste a lot of time studying this or that crane, but simply by collecting reviews about specific ones to learn in practice how money collection works on the machine.

Scripts and bots


For some of the crane sites, we already have in-house developments: special automated scripts for the program ZennoPoster, which are fully automatic or semiautomatic make visits to the desired projects, they themselves click the necessary buttons at the desired time!

The order of such scripts is very simple – through the feedback form you indicate what kind of resource you are interested in, links to contact information on social networks (with oklassnikami do NOT work!) Then we contact you, specify the price and terms of making this script (note that actions are written for a specific software – ZennoPoster, which is paid…).