Ночной режим / Night mode

When you open a pdf file in Photoshop, you need to disassemble a few things: how to crop the image, save and edit photos to highlight the main part. We will look at in this lesson.

Свойства pdf файла

Go to menu File-Open and is loaded into a Photoshop document in pdf format.

We have 2 choices for importing images in pages, and format of the image.

First, analyze the items on the opening page.

Page Options
To Crop
Bounding Box
Media Box
Crop Box
Bleed Box
Trim Box
Art Box
Constrain Proportions
Bit Depth
Suppress Warnings
Thumbnail Size: Small
Thumbnail Size: Large
Thumbnail Size: Fit Page

Opening paragraph Images you can import pictures directly from pdf document.

Here you will find the same settings as in the previous paragraph.

The results:

When opening via Photoshop possible subsequent image processing. Ease of use in contrast to the application of the various programs. You can also save images to another format if you wish…