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Create pdf from web page in Photoshop

I recently had to create a PDF from a web page in the program Adobe Photoshop. Sometimes you urgently need to get information from articles, or save the web page in the form in which it is presented, but…almost always this is due to difficulties is awkward to view continuously in the browser, the document will be long in a few pages of text, and as you know, for example, in a blog, the information scrolls from top to bottom. Today we are doing what will keep the blog page in pdf format via Photoshop.
Создать pdf из web
Let’s start with the fact that we need to store sequentially a series of frames from a web page, ie we do the pictures of the blog in the following way: using either the built-in Windows Vista/7 program screen capture, or other similar program.
The most important thing at this stage is to take snapshots of the screen with the same width, to make it easier to handle in Photoshop afterwards. You can see in the screenshots below…
As you can see, it is necessary to define the beginning and end of a subsequent page in order to place them on top of each other… Go ahead… save all the files in one folder on the hard disk of the computer. Go to the Adobe Photoshop and select menu File-Scripts-Load Files into Stack and select our folder of images. So we put all our images in one file.
Downloading data, you can get to work: turn off the visibility of all layers except the first (the eye icon in the layers panel ;)), then go to menu Image-Canvas Size and in the Height set value to the number of our layers. Example, if we have images (layers) 7 pieces, in the Height field specify the original value multiplied by 7…
Next, take the first layer and drag it to the top of the page. Include in the application layer point Multiply and taking the next layer, pull it upwards, simultaneously imposing at first, to merge our images…
Now do the same with the other layers, so that we have the whole picture. Unnecessary details removed by eraser or a rectangular selection – it’s faster. 😉
Tip: the layers do not “jump” and you’d have to constantly move back after each successful blending of the layers to block their movement (the lock icon is on the layers panel…;))
After all, we should get something like the following:
You need to cut the paper – take the Crop tool and cropping our image to the desired level.
So, all that’s left is to save the file in pdf format… To do this go to menu File-Save As and choose the PDF format, make the necessary settings for the output file and click Save PDF. That’s the whole procedure to convert web pages to PDF format in Adobe Photoshop.