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Continuing the theme of seamless texture in Photoshop. In this particular tutorial we will with you to create the pattern and then apply it in practice.
Создание бесшовного узора в Фотошоп

So, let’s start with the pattern.
Open Adobe Photoshop and create a document with dimensions of 500 x 500 pixels. Here it should be noted that the size of the canvas can be any – the main thing is to understand the structure of action.
Next, take the tool Custom Shape Tool and draw what you like. You can create a pattern of multiple parts, so it will look more interesting and attractive.
That’s what got me…
Then go to menu Filter – Other – Offset and the input values are + 250 at the top of the window and + 250 at the bottom.
You can slightly improve the image slightly moving, because not always all the values match with the end result.
Don’t forget that your background should not be – i.e. the background must be set transparent. Press OK.
Also in the center if you want you can draw something else to make the pattern look more harmonious.
So we created the pattern. Now we need to save it into a texture and apply it to the new image. How to do it?
Go to menu Edit – Define Pattern and maintain our project.
After that, create an A4 document and creating a new layer, click on the ” add ” button for styles – Add a layer style.
In the context menu, select the item Pattern Overlay and establish our newly created pattern.
How to make a seamless texture from a photo, see the previous lesson.