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The Path panel in Adobe Photoshop

Let us examine a very important panel, which is necessary for painting objects, as well as important for editing at multiple magnifications. We will focus on the paths or Path.
Панель Path в программе Adobe Photoshop

In Photoshop there is a function creating a vector of objects, is it in the control panel.
Go to menu Window-Path and immediately go to the extreme right menu of this panel.
Here you can see several icons at the bottom of the panel, all of them are somehow duplicated when clicking on the icon submenu. Let’s consider them in more detail.
Fill path with foreground color – responsible for the fill lines with the foreground color.
Stroke path with brush – designed for painting the paths with a brush and its current settings.
Load path as a selection – converts a path into a selection.
Make work path from selection – transforms of the selected working path.
Add a mask – adds the mask.
Create new path – creates a new path.
Delete current path – removes the current path.
In the far right corner, clicking on the icon, you see the following items:
Save path
Duplicate path
Delete path
Make Work Path
Make Selection
Fill Path
Stroke Path
Clipping Path
Options Panel