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How to recover password in Joomla 2.5, 3.x

Sometimes there are occasions that after installing some extensions, uninstalling plugins, modules, etc., in the Joomla administration panel is difficult to enter, or rather impossible. This happens for several reasons, and today we are going to consider them, and learn how to recover password in Joomla CMS system by conventional means.
восстановить пароль в Joomla

Option 1:
So, let’s say you can’t go to “admin area” on the cause of the error:
Authentication::__construct: Could not load authentication libraries. Username and password do not match
Which means perhaps you just forgot to include the authorization module in the system. Without the inclusion of this module, you even entering correct and valid data, will not be able to log in to the administrative part of your project.
Option 2:
You enter all your data (username and password), but nothing happens. In my experience I would say that the problem may be simply the extra spaces (when copying and pasting the password, for example), and in the beginning of the line unnecessary quotation marks and other symbols. So be careful when you enter administrative data!
Option 3:
After you enable SSL, or in other words – protected mode. At the beginning of the line you see HTTPS.
In this case I recommend to go directly to the host and fix the problem.
Option 4:
None of the above does not suit you, but will need to recover the password from the Joomla admin area.
In this case, do the following:
Go in to phpMyadmin
Find your site database
Looking for it field users
Change the password and login (if needed), not forgetting to put in the password – MD5 (encryption)
There is a similar way to replace password with your own. Here it is:
In the SQL query, write:
UPDATE `jos_users` SET password=’21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3′ WHERE id = 62;
where ID is the ID of the user Super admin (i.e. your ID) and is jos_ database table prefix.
After executing this SQL query, the super administrator password is admin. Don’t forget to go to the admin panel and change the password for security purposes. Or can be directly in the query to specify a new password, then the query will look like this:
UPDATE `jos_users` SET password= MD5( ‘new_password’ ) WHERE id = 62;
new_password instead where you can enter your new password.
How to know the ID of the Super administrator and the prefix of your tables?
It’s very simple – at the beginning of each table shows the same data (if you installed Joomla from source, then by default they will be jos_).
The admin ID you can find out simply by going to the users table.
Как восстановить пароль в Joomla 2.5, 3.x