Panorama of the Park of Versailles in France

Gardens and парк Версаля located on the territory of the former Royal possessions in Versailles and were part of the Palace-Park ensemble Versailles. Located to the West of the Palace, the gardens cover 900 hectares, much of which is landscaped in the classic style of regular French Park, which was here brought to perfection by the famous landscape architect andré Le nôtre.
As of 2010, on the territory of Palace and Park ensemble was 350000 trees. In the heyday era of the reign of Louis XIV, the Palace gardens cover an area of 8300 hectares, around the perimeter they were surrounded by a fence, which was arranged in 22 luxurious travel. In our time, the gardens surrounded by a belt of wooded area, bordered to the East by residential neighborhoods of the city of Versailles, in the North-East with the municipality of Le Chesnay, in the North adjacent to the national arboretum Chevreul, in the West — the Versailles plain (a protected wildlife preserve), and to the South of the forest of Satori.
The gardens have the status of legal entities under public law and operate under the auspices of the Ministry of culture of France; the gardens are part of the National domain of Versailles and Trianon and one of the most visited tourist sites in France, taking a year more than 6 million visitors.
In addition to the carefully manicured lawns, sculptures, and parterres of flowers throughout the gardens are located fountains that provide the uniqueness of the gardens of Versailles. Fountains Dating back to the era of Louis XIV, and in our days their work provides the hydraulic system, which was established in pre-revolutionary France. Every year from late spring to early autumn every weekend there are terrific views, the Grandes Eaux fountain Festival — during which all the fountains in the Park are in full force.