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Opinion about OTP Bank, of course, negative!

ОТП банк

As you know, in our country, the asterisks in the contract – is another Scam, and what is the essence of “fraud” OTP Bank will be discussed in today’s opinion, of course, negative and absolutely true.
ОТП Банк
Обычный банк и судя по статистике банки.ру находится в высшей лиге, хотя лига чемпионов явно прошла мимо. Если сузить дело до банального отзыва со всеми вытекающими, то можно сказать одно: банк просто наваривается на своих клиентах и ему глубоко пох..й на этих самых клиентов!

What kind of Bank is this OTP?
Ordinary Bank and according to the statistics of the is in the top League, although the Champions League is clearly passed. If you narrow down the case to the banal opinion with all the consequences, we can say one thing: the Bank just welded on its customers and it is deeply POH..y most of these customers!
Why, you ask?
I’ll tell you: designed the consumer credit and want to repay it early. At the same time as you usually incur a charge (subject to early repayment)!
On the other hand absolutely WITHOUT your participation you created the credit card and sent to the email address. To activate it you only need to send SMS from a number specified in the SMS from the Bank that can make almost any person or pet that has access to your phone (for example, a dog that knows how to press the paws on the smartphone screen…).
So what, you ask?
The fun starts on: to cancel a credit card, you need to write a statement in the Bank… ie to activate it, I just need to send SMS through the phone, and that it did not exist, I need to write application in the Bank (which, say, has 1 office in the city centre).
Well, at least for service cards do not take money UNTIL IT is ACTIVATED!!! If you activate it get ready to pay, pay, pay…
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