How to disable ad blocking on the site (Windows)

Как отключить блокировку рекламы на сайт

At the present time, the advertisers fell on hard times (sorry for the tautology…) – added ad blocker called Adblock. But they do not lose heart, because if there is some lock, and then there are system benefit and their bypass in favor of advertisers.

In this article we will look at the basic way – unobtrusive or Intrusive to ask users to turn off ad blocking on the resource. On our website we clearly show how to disable the lock on the website under the Windows operating system.

Here are some of the most common blockers that are used in browsers:
Adblock Plus
First you need to click on the button-blocker:
Как отключить блокировку рекламы на сайте
And then confirm your action by selecting the desired website:

Likewise, other interlocks:



Kaspersky as always “show off”, and disable ad-blocking is as follows:

For later versions of the product: