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Features of the Russian service

If you have ever been to Russia, you probably encountered not only the white birches in the village and the magnificent scenery of nature of the country, but also with the brutal Russian service, for example, from the group Leningrad in the form of a clip with drinking vodka by everyone who meets along the way (which is somewhat realistic to note, but not in St. Petersburg!, and say in a remote village). < / p>
< h3>service Structure

< p>Most likely you need every day and regularly eat, drink, go to the toilet (if you are not a plant that comes home only to watch TV and SIP 2 liters of beer at a time), to carry out standard procedures on yourself-shave, cut hair, etc. for These purposes you need: various shops (including online), hairdressers, baths, etc., without visiting institutions which you will be at least not comfortable, and at most-not long… to live.< / p>
< h3>Going to the institution and ordering services< / h3>

When you visit Russian supermarkets/ordinary small shops/Russian post and other “hot spots”, I am sure that very often you are faced with rudeness, incompetence and just stupidity of the staff of the service staff from the hall administrator to ordinary sellers. Yes, in large cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, you can, in principle, without leaving home to order the right things, the right services and specific products, but, attention! This does not mean that in the end you will get what you expect, because when sorting these products, the store staff can simply put something else in the delivery bags, and in the worst case you will receive products of poor quality, so check everything, as they say, without leaving the checkout!< / p>

“Meat Department” < / h3>

Here is a simple example: you ordered meat in the store, beef marbled. In fact, you bring it, of course, but its quality leaves much to be desired: it stinks like a dead horse a mile away, and can not deliver at all or the cost of the goods to specify more, or…< / p>
< p>Example the second: you decided order with friends cards on Bank lake, even proactively look his in living and have left collateral, to no one not outbid price and date invoicing.
What is the result? Half an hour before arrival, you call the administrator of the company that rents out this property and says that unfortunately she did not get through to you yesterday, and the house has already been handed over and the money will be returned to you within 30 days on the card, or come tomorrow to 15.00 TO pick up the money. Something like that … < / p>
< p>unfortunately the service in our country is NO, you can listen to reviews on domestic services provided in the Crimea or any other city of our vast homeland.< / p>

in addition, mistakes do not teach anyone at all, even the big players: periodically faced with a terrible quality of service from well-known companies that implement and mystery shopper, and constant checks of the same quality, all in the same spirit. But the result is one-the Russian mentality can not be eradicated. Check the quality of services is quite easy-just make a request for statistics on the number of complaints on the websites of public services in a given direction.< / p>

what to do?< / h3>

You can watch from the side on all these incidents and enjoy life, justifying his behavior with the phrase: “Well, people live, and not everything is so bad! In Africa, there are children starving, and do not complain about the delivery from the online store!”

Yes, there is no dispute, but there is one BUT! These terpenes would like to advise to go FOREVER to live in the same Africa and not complain then quite to his miserable life. I think, after the first such offer the Outlook at them will change. But, unfortunately, they will be foaming at the mouth to prove to you that paying a mortgage for 15-20 years in a row and working for a meager salary even in the metropolis is much better than in the same Africa to live on this money perfectly. < / p>

Who that-in Moscow people apparently very like crush in subway, congestion on the road and permanent psychological attack on their Asses in the form of Olga Buzova, Instagram bloggers and other people, which except restricted the same Asses and Boobs on cell little that are at. < / p>

In St. Petersburg the situation is somewhat different – there is just an ass (“little half!”), and in all senses: the weather is terrible, people think only about money (however, this is all over the country), “culture” is manifested everywhere (especially not on Nevsky Prospekt, but, say, in the Krasnoselsky district or near the metro station Grazhdansky Prospekt, or…< / p>

in Short, terpily on this say: “Well there, where us there is no!”

that’s pussy…go to Africa, it’s warm, good and doctor Aibolit treats animals! You’re not afraid of Barmalei, are you?< / p>

what to do then?< / h3>

Yes, you basically just need to start with yourself: there are a huge number of smart books, online seminars, audiobooks, programming languages to learn (or whatever you prefer). In addition, you can always spend your free time not on at work with their employees and washing the bones of the rest of the absent at the common table, and on useful things like cleaning on your desktop / closet / apartment, in the brain in particular.< / p>

for Example, I not quite understand collectives, where there is no seats development, and imitated only his semblance of (hi, multidom!), and also where people are willing to devour each other with shit (hi, multidom!), are the most shit from shit in direct and indirect notion of this words. Nevertheless, these people continue to work in such firms, not bringing virtually no benefit to other people, but only reselling Chinese junk in bulk. Then years to 50 their throw out with a kick under strong loin from companies, and they them…I don’t know how but the next whining how good they are and fluffy, has done so much for the sake of the organization, and she fucked in all the cracks. < / p>

How does all this relate to the service in Russia?< / h3>

Above all, the link as this not seem strange-direct, camping on K. most people in this country not evolves quite (“house 2” in example), and is done much, if not say all, through the ass! Professionals in the business becomes less and less (direct dependence on salaries and level of education in schools with exams in the form of EGE), and why pay more if you can do as usual (“and so it will do”).< / p>

the Main problem of quality of service is the presence of “bugs” at the top in each cell, for example, the chiefs for many have become a household name, such as Natasha in Turkey. Those who sit at the head of many companies are used to them…I not to do, in including to think brains, that is why them slip reports type ” have us all for fuck…s!”.< / p>

those who print such reports sit with their heads down, so that their eggs are heated as in an incubator at a certain temperature. As a result, we get: excellent fertility rates, successful successes in nanotechnology, etc.< / p>

Going into any institution, such as a cafe, we initially already present the following picture:< / p>

the kitchen plates are dirty and the walls are stained;
Cockroaches crawl on the floor, and the refrigerators stink of rotten meat;
Sanitary norms were invented for the lazy, and I write only migrants from neighboring countries.< / p>

all of the above, unfortunately, is the norm of service in our country, and will still be better (judging by the reports from the TVs).< / p>

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