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Continuing the theme of parsing and lay out the case No. 2, entitled “Parsing associations to implement on site.” In this article we will explain how you can request parsing to create an automated script using the program :Run: and to make it as convenient for the client and, of course, ourselves…
Парсинг организаций

So, the client necessary to collect information and to take the organization (contact information) such as name, address, phone, website link etc. Also after a certain time it took to change a little the script and add to it check for duplicates, i.e. to the client’s site recorded only one specific firm, and not many branches or doubles.


I.e., TOR (tor) were to:

To put all offices on a specific keyword e.g. “car wash” on a particular resource and set them on the client’s site in a pre-selected category.
When selecting other keywords and categories it was necessary to continue parsing and organizations to verify their existence in the General database (if there is a firm in the database, then do not record it on the client’s site, and Vice versa).


We immediately thought of the structure of the script, to avoid questions about the categories, so we decided to record them in the action movie – the first (as in programming) starts from 0, then increasing by one. The same applies to the subcategories. While implementing the directory of organizations on the website of the client, we faced the problem of entering these categories, as they are correctly made only when off ZennoPoster “CSS on”.
We have considered all wishes of the customer in the planning phase of the script, so coped with the task easily.

The results

Get a good automated script to collect information for a specific project and also some ideas for ZennoPoster. Well, of course, we got great reviews…

Parsing organizations