Organic Life is a new template, 2014 for the Joomla CMS system from a reputable manufacturer JoomShaper. This template has collected almost all new technology of creating websites. It includes: parallax, smooth scrolling, download Bootstrap, and other innovations.
Organic Life

The menu is designed in a comfortable design and quick loading. In addition, you have an ability to customize it on your own (sub-paragraphs a separate menu, etc.).
It is very convenient to move in the internal system of sale of goods. For example, you can easily visit the basket without overloading the page itself for this. There will be given price, quantity of goods, etc.
As for the scrolling down, then the item designers have done with the time. Pictures appear regarding the downloaded content, and smooth scrolling will help you to quickly navigate to the desired category.
The bottom of the page, as usual made by this producer templates Joomla, links, beautiful slider logos and e-mail newsletter.