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Онлайн сервис по SEO оптимизации сайтов – unique in its kind online service that helps to identify various features of your website such as access errors, incorrect names and descriptions, as well as broken links, etc.

In more detail, describe the main points of this system below, and also on what to pay attention to designers, webmasters and SEO-optimizers.
Go to the address listed at the bottom of the button and create an account (if it’s not there yet). Next, after confirming registration, go to your project and add a site/sites.
Note: the free plan has limitations on the number of added services.
You will have several points to make the information it is adding keywords, google analytics, meta tags, etc.
After editing the obtained data, will scan the entire site for further action.
In the new project window, you will be able to see the data by key words, the visibility of a website in search engines, the percentage of so-called “health website” and many other features that will help you to perform your resource.
Very convenient to view in one window all of the most important parts of your website, for example, the number of links to popular, broken links, missing titles and descriptions of pages, etc.
You can also see the domain zone that refer to your project, to identify the popularity of certain pages and the like.
I highly recommend this service as even free you need for an overall assessment of your site. Well, if you need more data, for example, more keywords for 1 project, you will have to purchase one of the tariff plans that will help improve your site position through optimization.


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