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Free download Photoshop action “Oil Painting”

Oil Painting

A team of professional extension developers GraphicRiver has introduced its new product &mdash of action of Oil Painting from the Artistic Photoshop Action. The creation of the picture using the oil brushes can take about two hours of your time, but thanks to this action You just five minutes will be able to realize a great artistic effect. Using one of your photos You will be able to turn it into an artistic picture using the oil brush, creating an amazing effect of drawing oil from the coarse strokes with a single click.
Oil Painting

This action is ideal for objects in motion to make cool flyers and posters for parties, posters and much more. After the completion of action You can turn on/off the color background layer and play with the settings of the lines and the texture of the canvas. You can easily clean those areas of the layer that do not want to work with the help of a brush. Action has been tested in Photoshop CS3, CS5, CS6 and CC. In the process use images of high resolution, above 3500 px. As with all previous products from GraphicRiver, this action is designed for the English version of Photoshop, but You do not worry and just change the language to English and start to work. In the archive You Packed a detailed video tutorial. And remember, any action can be combined with other actions, to achieve the most interesting effects.
Download action for Photoshop – Oil Painting


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