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Odnoklassniki is a social evil!

Одноклассники - социальное зло!

Statistics show that every year the audience of the social network “Odnoklassniki»< / strong> is decreasing, and experts believe that many phenomena are the cause of this. First, according to experts, this is due to the fact that this social network simply cannot compete with new and developing resources. And what’s the point of sitting there, where you are tracked down and across, and about the fact that at any moment you can justblock, because they do not have your PASSPORT – in General, lawlessness!

Одноклассники - социальное зло!

Network audience coverage

Unlike most other social networks.for example, people in Odnoklassniki can only communicate with residents of CIS countries simply because foreign users do not use this site. Of course, there are many registered Russian-speaking users, but their activity is decreasing, and the main audience is not younger than 25-30 years< / i>. These are people who are interested in restoring their school ties. This social network is the least popular among the younger generation. That is, if you are young at heart – then you are definitely not here…

Network convenience

The site’s interface is significantly inferior to Vkontakte, Facebook, and other social networks. Contacts are not easy to find due to the lack of a multi-functional search engine that would allow you to maximize your search, so you will have to search for friends manually. Shabby prehistoric design combined with minimalism does its job – scary icons and their GLASSES, which you can not look at without tears!

If a person is just getting acquainted with social networks, they are also likely to have difficulty creating and filling in the page with the necessary information. After all, to start working with the network, you will need to fill out a lot of personal information that you can track down and offer a lot of shit with home delivery-mailrugrupp bought all the social networks.networks in Russia and offers to place ads based on the interests of network users (if anyone is not aware!).

Одноклассники - социальное зло!


Odnoklassniki have much less informative content than their competitors. Yes, there is a possibility of publishing, but much less, which is due to the low popularity of this social network and the characteristics of the public that uses it, in contrast to the same VKontakte< / strong> and < strong>Facebook< / strong>, where you can find a lot of interesting content in any area. As for the content in General – it is as poor as the design of “Classmates”, and all that can be found here is spizz.. new posts from other networks, framed.

Entertainment networks

In terms of entertainment, Odnoklassniki offers all features, including both licensed and pirated content. At the same time, it is, again, aimed at an age-old audience, and it is difficult for the younger generation to find something interesting here. From the point of view of games, there are significantly fewer applications, since major developers are mainly focused on other projects. And where have you seen serious game developers who work with “Classmates” – and this is a trend?

Одноклассники - социальное зло!

Mobile features

Many users criticize the Odnoklassniki mobile client, despite the fact that developers try to constantly update it and add all the necessary features. First of all, this is due to the lack of unpopular phone models among the supported ones.

It is quite difficult to eliminate all these gaps in the platform, and it is unknown whether the administration will do it. But all this at the moment leads to the fact that the user’s withdrawal continues from Odnoklassniki, and the situation should not change in the near future.

Одноклассники - социальное зло!