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Reasons for blocking your page in Odnoklassniki

Причины блокировки вашей страницы в Одноклассниках

Recently just encountered the same problem as account suspension in the popular social network for old people where my profile Visl a bunch of years and only needed for website promotion. Today we will talk about what it can block your account in the “Classmates”.

In 100% of cases your profile will be blocked in the future, if just someone will try to get it yourself and hack! And it’s sad, because no one is immune from aizelasi employees of the company, which sells Chinese junk – starts with “multi” and ends with “house”. But there are certain user actions that are strictly suppressed by the administration of “Classmates”. We will talk about TOP 5 cases for OK when you can lose the page.

The Reason for blocking your page in Friendster

Violation of the legislation of the country


To wind activity on the social network: friends, classes, and other

Absolutely any scammer that is using the hacking programs and services that are prohibited only in the social network. With a carefree automation of these steps, you may lose the page.


This article is similar to the previous one. Any spammer is a loser in the “Classmates” will be found and punished sooner or later, and users who use special software to spam, more likely to be punished. When you manually send a large amount of correspondence, you just face a time limit to send messages. Those who are surprised by the use of spam services, will receive the most severe punishment.

Attempts to crack

Classmates for their creators, a dash of so-called business – is primarily a source of income, so all actions of participants of the network, aimed at destabilizing or other damage to the site, is strictly suppressed. And the main weapon for combating crimes against the administration of OK is account lockout. However, no one is safe just because you have set negative response to pop-up the question “Classmates” about your photo or not.

Complaints from users

All the above actions are accompanied by automatic algorithms of social networks. But under certain fault, the administration may delete the page manually. It is necessary to obtain one or more complaints from other members of the social network of the offender.

Send a complaint possible for the following reasons and data:

  • obscene language
  • posting pornography or links to illegal sites
  • insults and hate speech and hate
  • add the personal data of people without their consent.

In there are several dozens or hundreds of rules that are rather vague, but when I accepted the terms? The same policy and Yandex, and all the other online services, which merge your data with third parties for the money! To read the entire Regulations and other requirements, will take several hours. And to understand everything takes a lot more time.