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What services you can find out the web hosting directory for free?
If you want to know the best ratings and services of the Runet, which help the owners of web sites to find reliable service providers, just check out our article.
сервисы по обзору хостингов

The Website Ping-admin.ru
In this case, the review hosting is, given the objective indicators. The main evaluation criterion is the time of uptime. Also in the distribution of the rankings is taken into account a number of time parameters, for example, the average download speed, the time during which loaded the main page, hosting, etc.
Since the rating is based on very specific indicators, it can be considered objective. However, the fact that the website hosting operates smoothly, does not mean that client projects will work efficiently. In fairness, we note also that using this resource you can get truly unbiased information.

The Website Hostobzor.ru
If we talk about the free services of Internet, which have existed for many years, to allocate to this project. The oldest directory provides the opportunity for all hosting providers to have their own pages with information about tariffs and services.

Currently, the specified site already contains more than 4 thousand opinions on the hosting providers that have registered and were allowed to leave an opinion of myself. Please note that the add response can only current customers of organizations. This is done in order to avoid possible black PR from competing firms. But there is another side to the coin. If you are a current customer, you are unlikely to share the negative, fearing a possible response from the host.
The Website Hosting101.ru
This large and popular catalogue with feedback on the hosters, you can see the great reviews. There is a standard text comments, and the ability to note the pros and cons of the organization that pointed out by other users or post your own. Disadvantage of service – find out how truthful a particular opinion is simply impossible. In order to leave a comment, you don’t even have to register. Responses can leave as a real satisfied or dissatisfied customers, and competing firms and fans of “trolling”.

The Website HostDB.ru
In the formation of a comprehensive rating in this case, taking into account customer feedback and the activity of hosting on the website. Hosting company participating in the life of the project, may conduct surveys among users to post information about current promotions, publish news. Thanks to the active actions, hosting receives a score. A more objective version of the rating is an estimate. When planning, the main component is the average rating from users. The idea can be considered good, but ill-conceived to the end. Not quite right to carry out the ranking by average rating of the companies with a hundred or just one opinion. Adequate results can be obtained only after the introduction of a minimum threshold number of evaluations. Or to rank, starting from other criteria.

We appreciate their time, so I prepared especially for readers of our blog hosting review that shows clearly the advantages and disadvantages of each host.