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Obi obi catalog or store – reviews, Shurygina, Saint Petersburg

obi каталог

Hello! Today we will talk about Obi catalog or shop – as you like more. Shurygina quietly smokes on the sidelines, looking at how goods are sold in well-known hypermarket of building materials, since she doesn’t know what’s going on in the security service of the the Desk. I will tell you about it, and leveled the whole directory, because all that is there is overpriced and nothing more!
obi каталог

So, the first thing we’re going to see the reviews as I was taught to do in the 1st time you select the right online stores.
Typed in the line Yandex: “obi reviews” and see the search result. As can be clearly seen from the screenshots below, the feedback is not positive…

In addition, the reviews of this hypermarket were taken from various sources, which confirms our belief that the store is just disgusting in customer service. And it is – Yes, Petersburg! What is happening in other cities, behind the scenes.

Here Shurygina “neighing” for a while and decided to get rid of the 1st score in the ranking…

Now gradually turn to the comparison of prices in the store. They are clearly too high and even Petrovich lot of things you can find similar for a convenient price!

Compare prices:
Regarding the prices in the hypermarket – there is the apparent overestimation in comparison with other stores (especially clearly demonstrated in these screenshots below). On the website you can take any item from the catalog to the Obi and “score” it in the Yandex Market:

The result, as stated on the face. Or face Shurygino when she found out, and ran towards the Malakhov for help in choosing the ledge.

Also very convenient as you can pick up a Obi 100 feet, not less (unfortunately, they don’t sell less…) cable of any type and kind. The footage, apparently, not taken into account when choosing… It is extremely convenient, especially if you require a meter or two to connect the plates. After all, the rest of the cable can be thrown in the toilet, which can also be bought in Obi.
We now turn to the nature of the claim. If you see that you or any other person (for example, a woman with a small child) escorted in a wretched kennel for inspection in Obi, you can be sure that in writing of the claim you will call and justify childish excuses such as “was a brand new guard”, etc.
What to do in this case?
To write to the relevant authorities regarding the compliance necessary norms of the organization and its security.