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obGrabber – automatically create content from RSS in Joomla


obGrabber component to automatically create content from RSS in Joomla, as well as grabbing other projects with the aim of obtaining information and paste it with certain parameters in your articles.

So, what is this component?
You probably dreamed about getting the site updated, and took all necessary information from other resources, but how to implement it in practice?
This plugin needs to turn this dream into truth. It can take data from external sources – these can be RSS, XML, NewsML, Facebook, Youtube, Google Base, ebay, amazon, email, blogspot, Google Calendar. In addition, the supported third party components in Joomla is K2, FLEXIcontent, DocMan, VirtueMart, redSHOP.
The engine offers full control over:
Gathering information for your website.
How to reformat the content for third-party extensions Joomla.
Where to place the content.
For example, obGrabber can collect information from Youtube and send it to K2, or to take goods from Ebay and keep them in Virtuemart.
The component provides support for multiple engines, which allow you to extend the given extension.
Reformatting content using a unique and intelligent processes. You can add the required fields to import.
One of the most useful features of this solution is to support automatic event scheduling. Thus, you do not need to run every time the component to collect the necessary information from the websites, it will be done by the event planner.
Quick settings and information gathering from other sites.
Installation in 1 click and manage all necessary fields to import and preserve materials.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.


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