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Video tutorials photoshop. New tools in Photoshop CS6 Extended

Imagine a situation where all such tasks from the sphere of design and visualization you will be quickly solved with the help of Photoshop:
From creating collages for design and selection of interior colours,
to obtain different lighting options from a single image.
From the creation of seamless textures, before the final spectacular processing renders.
Photoshop in its latest versions has evolved very, very well.
Moreover, not only instrumentation, but also in speed and usability.
And it is sure to use!
Most specialists work on the thumb system.
Once all have reviewed, configured, used. And, it seems, always will be.
However, do not. Technology does not stand still, the world moves with them.
So if you do not use new and effective methods in the work, soon you can outrun nimble competitors.
To avoid this, you need to always learn new things, not to stand still, to invest time and sometimes money in your own development.
Then you are guaranteed success. Best investment, as you know — yourself.