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The panel Notes in Adobe Photoshop

Discuss the Notes pane and its properties in Adobe Photoshop.
Панель Notes в программе Adobe Photoshop

This panel is the manage comments directly in the document.

For example, you needed to record the necessary data on the layer, or write to the customer data on file and its characteristics. In any case, to apply annotations to the material, you need to call the Notes – go to menu to Window-Notes or select on the toolbar on the notes icon key I.

Now let us examine in more detail the toolbar icons.

An icon with a pencil icon indicates that this note is already created and has some value to edit. Normal icon (with an empty text display) tells the user that a note has already been made, but inactive in a given time, i.e., the text it contains, but the other mark.

Inside the panel, you can select only a few elements are arrows that indicate the movement created notes user, the delete button and the top right menu with two items:

Close Close Tab Group