Macros Notepad++ is the beginning of automation with text


It does not matter whom you work or still studying, as at the present time it is customary to use the computer for everyday tasks. To slightly automate entering and changing data in text documents was invented macros. They not only help to save a lot of time, but also to facilitate monotonous work with text. Today we will get acquainted with unique solution in this area – a text editor called Notepad++ is one of the most popular programs that can really make a lot.
Макросы Notepad++

So, to get started, you will of course have to download the package and install the application to your computer. After that, you’ll need to run it.
The program is very simple, and if you’ve ever typed text in a standard Notepad in Windows or MAC, everything is the same way. We are also more interested in print speed, or more precisely, the automation of this process.
Take for example a usual html code, which is very often necessary to rule webmasters and Seo-optimizers. First, let’s analyze it, what to remove and what to add. In this example, we simply remove from the text all the data with elements of “class” in order to subsequently use the text in any website without the extra styles etc.
To start recording a macro, or sequence of our actions, we need to click on the record button (as in any other program).
Now select the piece of code that needs to be removed or corrected. In this case, the element “class=…” (see screenshot).
Next, click on the button replace text (see screenshot), or call it by CTRL + F, which will thereby place the selected text inside the window replacement.
In the field of the replacement text does not set, as we don’t have something to substitute it, just delete.
The same procedure repeated with other classes in the html code, ie allocating to delete the text and go to the window replacement.
Once we have removed all unnecessary posts, stop the macro.
And save it to the same version of the text substitution has occurred by pressing a single key instead of a sequence of actions that we just completed.
If desired, for the operation or macro to set your own shortcuts.
You can test this macro by inserting a similar html code, and clicking on the test button from the drop-down menu.
In this lesson we covered the basic principle of action and record of action or macro for Notepad++.