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Using special solutions to create different forms called Ninja Forms, you can manage your subscriptions in the normal drag and drop features in an intuitive interface. You can also use feedback forms, subscription forms and any other forms for WordPress.
Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is one of the easiest ways to build any type of form on your own website. Now you do not need to spend time on writing code, and you are limited in customizing the visual design. You can make endless variations of shapes, simply dragging via easy-to-understand interface many elements of the plugin, and use the advantages of this approach.
The main feature of Ninja Forms:
A large number of fields to add to form
There are no restrictions on the number of forms, fields, actions or evidence
Mask to restrict user input such as phone numbers, currency, dates
Manage, edit and export forms
Saving fields to favorites and reusing them in various forms
Export and import forms and entering them to your favorites
The required field set
Add text boxes for date selection
The form results Email to any number of pre-installed e-mail accounts, as well as special messages to the form user
Customize the visual style of forms emails via WordPress editor
4 antispam options
User-friendly interface
Confirmation of the form by reloading the page or AJAX asynchronous code
Note: if you are using PHP version below 5.3, you can face the challenges of AJAX confirmation. For these cases, use a simple confirmation messages or errors.
Ninja Forms is a set of add-ons to increase conversions
Separate the shape into smaller or let the user to save them. Special options help show fields only to the right users and send them letters, use the form under certain conditions.
Easily build your own email lists
Use mailing lists: MailChimp, Emma, Aweber, GetResponse, iContact and others.
Easily collect payment
Ninja Forms gives you the ability to collect payment via PayPal Express, Stripe, or Elavon. Payment methods are constantly updated.
Interaction with customers
When the user submits the form, the best way to move data into the chosen CRM system. The plugin supports integration with popular: SalesForce, Insightly, Batchbook, Zoho, Capsule, etc.