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Netology – educational CPA affiliate program




Affiliate program
Netology is one of the few affiliate programs in the Internet, and modern training center on the Internet, which offers a large selection of available materials in various specialties.
The audience of the centre are: managers, marketers, designers, and web designers and people who want to get quality training for a minimal cost and at a professional level; those who keeps up with the times and finds different paths to new knowledge online. The affiliate program works on the following conditions:
Up to 20% of fees online University (online courses cost up to 20 000 rubles);
Up to 38% for paid access to a library of courses (the subscription price of 990 rubles per month).
The presence of the call center;
Life time cookies – 90 days;
A good choice of promotional materials (banners, announcements, etc.);
Bonus codes and discounts for your audience.

Принимаемые страныРоссия
Товарный xml фидНет
Тизерный блокНет
Прямая ссылка на товарДа
Отслеживание источника лидовНет
Ротатор баннеровНет
Минимальная выплата2000 руб.
Скидочные купоны для покупателейДа
Наличие APIНет