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Review online designer Nethouse – free website yourself


The selection and purchase hosting, install the engine, configure a huge number of plugins and modules – if you want to create your own website, you need to deal with all these issues. Too complicated and long? Then use online designer :Nethouse:. With it, free development of Internet projects available to everyone. Including beginners with no experience in programming or those who have no time to waste.

The services can be compared with LEGO. Business card website or online store can be assembled with it on the “details”.

Project features Nethouse
:Nethouse: is an innovative product. Using this constructor to create a website for free can every entrepreneur. If you are a small or medium business, you will be able to increase sales and develop new markets.

Your virtual project will have an attractive design. Separately say that the designer is so easy and intuitive to use, and it is not more difficult than to complete a profile in a social network.

The advantages and strengths
In comparison with other similar constructors :Nethouse has a number of advantages:

Design templates of the website of the various and numerous;
Web site can be bound to its own domain or hosted on a subdomain of the project;
For each section and each category can be assigned to “keys”. Do not forget about the importance of keywords in the promotion of the virtual portal in the search engines;
No advertising banners imposed by the designer;
The number of items in the online store can be any;
External links open;
Even the basic version will offer you literally the whole functionality;
Server space is not limited;
Mail and social networks will help you to tell the news of your company.

The project also offers useful services. The most popular of them:

1 ruble – price of SMS notifications about the fact that online orders or left a new comment;
99 rubles per month (estimated monthly cost for standard hosting) – removing the sign Nethouse from the basement of your web site;
249 rubles per year – the cost of registering the name of the project But you can also map your domain name your site – for free.

The registration process
In order to make you understand that the constructor of sites Nethouse: really easy to use, consider the registration process. Please fill out the form by clicking “Register” or “Create free website”. The corresponding icons are at the top of the page.

Username – the name of your project. The password should come up, you must also specify an e-mail. Accept the “User agreement”, after reading it. Activate the created account by clicking on the link sent to specified e-mail.

After that action you are the owner of the website. You will only have to fill it with topics and content. Difficulties should not be afraid. Designer :Nethouse: I will give you all the necessary hints step-by-step instructions.

Note: specially for our users we have prepared a bonus code during registration (photolessons) – what it gives, read more on the website designer.