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Why don’t I use social networking sites

Почему нельзя пользоваться социальными сетями

Why I don’t use social networks – it’s simple, there are many items that talk about it directly, and everyone else still continues to read Zen Yandex, listen to music Vkontakte and hope for the best during the pandemic… Seriously, I decided to write a post about why it is useless to use social networks in our country, and in others too…

That’s why the first reason is the constant surveillance of the authorities, which leads many people to criminal prosecution for posts – puss…ts, for liking the photo you can get a real term! And this applies to everyone (since the age of 14!), so just pass by social networks, otherwise you may be told: “Remember, about 10 years ago you liked Sobchak, and she is on our black list! What these people will choose, only they can know, and the criminal cases that they do…

The second reason is the surveillance of employers for you – if you think that this is some kind of profanation, you are wrong, the cameras, for example, in the company “Multiscreen” (or “Multiscreen” as I used to call them. …), are used to recording everything – how you drink coffee in the morning at your desk, or scratch your balls behind it… :))) In other words, in fact it is a violation of personal life, but who is interested in it? Now them, faggots! After all, they can’t remove information on the antijob, and therefore let the camera hang on its point (maybe there is something new in the form of hemorrhoids)! Yes, Zagorch…y ShPaniel? Many employers belong to the caste of h.c.r.e. who do not think with their head, but with another place…but! increase your salary while, however, Zagorch SchPaniel, hacking into websites and soon from a heart attack?

Ok, let’s move on. Social networks, as Americans have already proved, are in fact sites that store all your data and use it at their own discretion (that’s why Facebook promotions have gone down for a long time!), and if we talk about our social networks, it’s just squalor in the form of mailgroups (remember the search engine of the early 90’s?). Well, little has changed in our country since the 90’s: all the data you write to other people (school friends, work colleagues, anyone), are processed on servers and perfected by special services, so that you do not inadvertently say something unnecessary! Sites that can’t give you privacy? Durov knows! Well, and a few more people who do not use Russian social networks!

All right, with the profaned confidentiality in our miserable, but VELICE by Solovyev’s talk to the country we have sorted out! As for the meaning of communication in social networks: do you write to the same people with whom you used to communicate directly and personally before, and now you tell them about the meaning of life through an intermediary who reports to your superiors about any fucking change of your status and tries to put you away for repost?

Why is it UNecessary to use social networks?

Ask this question to officials who were fired for their posts in social networks! Well, if you are serious, then just any information that you place somewhere on the Internet will be useful not only for your classmates, but also for those who want to get something from you, for example, recently activated spammers from unknown numbers. Personally, I don’t quite understand what the so-called “person” expects to hear on that wire: a message or opening an account at Sberbank? How much do you have to be FATHER BALTARED to think they’re smart??

Durov has long understood this, probably because he himself collected confidential data from people when he owned Vkontakte. So why does the audience of these networks still consist of many millions of people? The answer is obvious: it’s easier for most of them to turn on the “entertainment” at home, “smile” about nothing with people you’ve never seen, as well as to publish the copied text somewhere else. Everybody scolds DOM-2 – what is worse than any of our social networks? Yes, nothing, but practically nothing is better! Go to any post and look at the comments to the posts: there’s only shit and your own problems on other heads, shit (again Multi?) and grinding bones, resentment and bile, etc. – a typical example of the House-2!

Many people say that they only listen to Vkontakte music because they are used to do it: who do you tell it to? You just can’t do anything useful except do it! Start just doing useful things, rather than sticking around all day staring at the screen!