Ночной режим / Night mode

Let’s look at the Navigator panel in Photoshop. To start, we need to go to menu Window-Navigator.

Панель Navigator в Adobe Photoshop

You will see the following window:

Now let us examine in more detail all items…

The main panel window is designed to quickly get to the desired part of the document simply by dragging the red area inside the screen.

The bottom menu bar is as follows:

In the left corner, you can specify a certain percentage of the document size.

To the right is a slider with two points. Clicking on the left button to reduce the document size to 100% and more, the right to its increase by 100% and above.

The slider moving left and right affects the decrease or increase in the size of the document. A more convenient way at minimal cost actions.

And, finally, opening in the upper right corner of the item Options Panel, you can choose the color of the rectangle, which affects the movement on the screen. By default it is red…:)

The remaining 2 points of the menu, as the other panels of the program:

Close – closes the Navigator panel. Close Tab Group – closes the panel group.