Editable if we or recusaram the image in Photoshop, restoring old or damaged photo, creating wild and subtle effects, whatever it is, we continue to work, and we need to view our image quickly and easily, zoom in and zoom out, pan from one area to another.
Basic navigation in the image – change image scale in Photoshop

In this lesson we will learn the basics of how to make a pan of our images in Photoshop. I use Photoshop CS6 and CC.
Here’s the image I currently have open on my screen (portrait of a young woman).
The current level of magnification
Before we go any further, increasing the image scale, we look at what is in fact our current level of zoom, and how Photoshop shows us the current zoom level – in two different locations. First you can find just above the image on the right of the document title.
Here we can see that my image now is 25% of the size of the total. Second place display size is in the lower left corner of the Photoshop interface.
Why two different places Photoshop to show the same information?
The fact that the level of zoom of the image specified at the top of the document is strictly for information. In other words, we can’t actually change the level of zoom. However, we can change this level in the bottom corner. For example, I want to increase my level of zoom with its current 25% to 50%. To do this, I can double-click on the current zoom level of the zoom to put it to the fore, then enter a new value 50.
Click (Win) / Return (Mac) on your keyboard to apply the change, and the image will immediately jump to a new level of zoom you have.
Display options menu
If you click on the ‘view’ menu in menus Photoshop, then you’ll find some of the grouping options that we can use to change the view size of the image.
The first two options in the group are the most apparent is the increase and decrease.
To the right of the instruments themselves, you may notice a hot key is + and – respectively increase and decrease of the image.
To move around the image using the tool hands – Hand Tool.
You can also adjust the screen of your monitor simply by pressing CTRL + 0 on the keyboard.
The zoom tool
To increase rapidly the item you need at the moment, you can use the zoom function – Zoom Tool.
Likewise works and the function of zoom.

Basic navigation in the image – change image scale in Photoshop