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20 photos that prove the presence of good not only in people

наличие добра

Today we will show kindness not only to people (they have this very tight), but beasts as well as view just good images taken at different times.


The sister of one of the many people who suffers from a mental disorder, earlier every year for Christmas I bought the same machine. But now it is no longer produced – concerned people came to her aid and found a model cars.

On my mother’s grave son built the snowman, because he promised her in life together to do it. The problem was only that this is the first snow for 20 years in Mexico!
Note that the nephew found in my hood.
Grandmother is very happy the usual donated to the flower
Loving father of his daughter stopped a wedding ceremony to stepfather daughter brought with him a bride to the altar.
After this cat was shot down on the street car, she had a broken jaw and paw. She also lost most of their teeth. However, a good surgeon he took her to his home and called the Duchess the Wonder Cat.
Friend: “Recently I was looking at her like she’s a slut on the street, and now marries the man of her dreams!”
The mother of this man was 2 hours to the hostel to give him those cookies:
Simply, efficiently, and most importantly, you need!
1 year correspondence with each other over the network, and they met together.
The driver wheeling the animal “rabbit” to save it from frost on the street.
Told my brother that I have barely enough money for food, and got on Christmas morning it is:
Even after 40 years of marriage, I love it when she is childish.
Once it was a stray cat…
A son who suffers from autism, was upset due to the fact that favorite video store in the closed, so his parents created his own shop.
This Fox may eat any chicken, he was just cold and he came to get warm.
The cat was found after the earthquake.
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7690365--1512522472-650-efa57172b0-1512938912“I will protect him because I love him”
7690965-jknHK6TwaCg-1512534043-650-00dc515243-1512938912A terrible fire did not stop the monkey, who risking their own lives, brought a puppy from him.