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Votes cheating in the fotostrana search using ZennoPoster

Накрутка голосов в Фотостране при помощи ZennoPoster

We offer you to look at the script to cheat the votes in the popular social network called Fotostrana. Action fully automatiseret the work of people in this network of like-minded people, and you get “pumped” profile for their own purposes. These goals can be completely different from offers own or third party services, and selling different products, etc.
Накрутка голосов в Фотостране при помощи ZennoPoster

Making a script for ZennoPoster?
From the beginning he starts to click on the images of girls (if you are a guy) and Vice versa. In addition to clicks on the photos, the script is ZennoPoster able to distinguish likes from dislikes allowed, to give voice to those who need it, etc. If you need to quickly propel your account in the fotostrana search, the best way to go.
Furthermore, unlike ready-made solutions that are present in the network, for example, cheating of votes in a given SOC.network, you have a real opportunity to change anything:
The sequence of actions
the number of clicks in each contest
data collection and sending of messages and much more.

The results:
You do not need to click on an ongoing basis in the fotostrana search to stay in TOP
the people are now fond of you, but if you upload new pictures, much more,
fully automated action and increased success!
Note: the script is being constantly improved, made need guidelines and changes, so you need to always follow the current version of action!

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