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My Favorite Pages – the plugin setting in Joomla

My Favorite Pages

This plugin works smoothly and efficiently due to its advanced customization of themes and individual components. His purpose is that at any moment you can return to the necessary material on the site through bookmarks.

My Favorite Pages

Added functionality to the site so that visitors can save their favorite pages online directly on the website. That is, they get access to your bookmarks at work, at home or in cafes, of course, if you have an account on this website.
Just simply click in the module on the asterisk icon to add pages, or to delete, click on the cross icon on the already added tab.
You don’t need to remember what page you were to remember it.
Easy access to the necessary material on each page.
Delete, edit each individual bookmark.
In order to change English language on Russian expansion, must do the following:
1. By going to: yourdomain/language/en-GB/en-GB.mod_cdfapa.ini and saving it in utf-8 encoding, we translate the desired values.
2. Replace the original file in the themes folder, which translated into Russian language.


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