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On this project we worked in 2015 and you need to notice that has achieved some positive results. This resource has been completely redesigned (were performed a site redesign) as well as introduced new features (a new CMS 1C Bitrix, failover hosting, etc.).
Продвижение сайта mva-group.ru

For me as a SEO-optimizer did not make the news that the budget will be minimal, and all action must be done independently (including copyright). Of course, you need to make allowances for the fact that this is not a SEO Agency but for some reason many organizations in St. Petersburg (every 2nd for sure) don’t want to waste money on advertising and promotion, and just want to get money and conversion…
However, the consequent accurate work on the semantic core of the site (Key Collector), was filled all the meta tags and removed the extra links, both external and internal and many more. Also we have purchased 4 or 5 a month!!! “eternal” links (no comments), led groups in social networking… just show the job report.
Positions in search engines

Positions in Google

Why Google? The answer is simple – Yandex in 2015 began to love only MVA-group, so no sense in showing the trend in the search engine there.
Links to before and after

TITS before and after


In conclusion, I would like to add that saving on driving traffic – it is inefficient for business, so recommend you to read SEO books, or to watch SEO videos. 🙂

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