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Silent PC Mute – sell at three times the price from!

mute pc

I decided to write this post only to explain to others how rotten the system does not consider the people behind those popular today exposing in Moscow expensive PC build, just buying parts in the same America or China. Under the guise of the brand sold beautiful system units for horrific types of price tags, let’s see what they represent. Unfortunately, in Russia less creative people, capable of anything to come up – after all, how much easier just to sell at an exorbitant price from!


Once again, choosing the unit system in the set parameters: I was interested in a powerful but very quiet system that would meet the requirements not sickly. Ie almost gaming composition inside and silence outside, and I found it on the above site, BUT! the cost of the PC solution rolls. Explain what policy the manufacturer: we sell performance guarantee, maintenance, replacement of components and other almost useless features (except of course the device). This policy infuriates regular users who don’t have millions on pointless service that they will NEVER use. Let me give you an example: you buy a car, and a bargain you say – insurance is mandatory …thousand, and “rubber” (otherwise discounts will not give) = …thousand, etc. Familiar? Then it’s the same “Scam” pure and below I will explain why!

Let’s Start from the beginning: a full review of this system (here and further we’re talking about a PC Mute from do not exist ANYWHERE except paid reviews, bloggers and advertising of the website. This alone might suggest about the strange coincidence. But as you know, matches of sales in Moscow there can be.

GO to the website and see the beautiful wrapper: Yes, visually everything looks nice, and quite convenient to choose a particular product, BUT! after all, we’re not only beauty to watch and to buy at reasonable prices PC build… unfortunately, the Russian service is far from adequate, so we get a triple-quadruple rise up the prices for the main goods add cost of works employees who will be instructed to assemble computer warranty service delivery … by the Way, so shipping could be included in the cost is not an option, for which you still have to pay considering the total cost of the PC!

Idea – 100% our (Russia)

at exorbitant prices from

We have created a unique, quiet computer!

Yes,…blessed be! YOU have created! You did not create, but stole the idea and presented all in the best possible light UNDER its own brand with a logo!!! Here you have the whole business…

closer look first

GO to the site, and here’s a coincidence! We see EXACTLY the SAME system unit with approximately the same filling, BUT! at a more reasonable price (even including shipping). In contrast to the first Russian site for this project, you will not ONLY find General information about the system, but also can see what exactly it is, and also to purchase SEPARATELY the different components for him to not to overpay for so-called “Russian service”!

the first monsterlabo

In Addition, in the standard configuration, you can foreign the website to see not only the black version block, but the color white. Now think about how much the Russian will take for a repaint in white? Properly, additionally you sderut still green….


customization Hyper

The Russian resource you really can not find ANY information on how exactly you can customize the appearance of the device, in addition to key phrases on account of this option. But foreign analogue here with better information, and more photos where you can see the variation.

customization first


But back to the discussion of Russian prices: they are ruthless and inappropriate for such a configuration! But really, you have a choice: to pay the parts (to take credit), or to pay at once the whole item = the choice is impressive!

tags Hyper

At you can buy what you really need to work, and to see the finished Assembly in various guises and for every pocket. See not only the fast scrolling (as on the Russian site), and to examine the back part of system unit with cutouts for cables, cooling, and various ports.

parts first