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Website promotion in 2018-2019

Мультидом Трейдинг

Start with the main post – promotion in mid-2018 and early 2019 gave good results for the website (as will be discussed later), based on the B2B segment and wholesale sales of kitchen utensils. All actions on the site, however, had sooo long to agree, because :head of IT Department: this company is absolutely not understood and does not understand so far in SEO. In addition, even a lawyer suggested SEO specialist and copywriter, what text to put in context is that, of course, further delayed the time to promote and on the whole process… I Think there is no comments!

Go ahead, see what specific actions were taken to improve the already poor design and load time of this site. Here we must note the fact that all the time this site before I got involved in just the head of IT Department Multidom trading. The design of the website still remains, so we can evaluate his actions firsthand.
Technical website audit
So, from the very beginning in the firm were made to the technical audit of the site, identified the major shortcomings and mistakes of the project in technical terms. Here described as a common errors, like incorrect spelling of the file robots.txt and the deeper flaws of the type takes on a level of CMS and a completely different level – external sites that duplicate content from the main. My many arguments about the removal of duplicate/unnecessary sites took a very long time, because in addition to links to the explanation of possible sanctions by the search engines had to look for different options of reports to the head of division of information about what he did earlier was wrong. Partly out to do it, and thanks for that! 🙂
Check sheet
A check sheet is needed mainly to planned tasks based on the priorities of the company. Made this file and created in CRM tasks to improve the project as a whole.
Traffic sources
About the traffic sources – everything should be clear and without words: SEO taxis always and everywhere, and other sources tightened as needed. For example, traffic and retargeting from Facebook for B2B is not quite came, because he had had very few applications. All items have been described in detail, this can be seen on these screenshots within the article.
Website design
As a long time was not even a programmer had to solve many problems directly or through outsourcing. With regards to the appearance of the project, as you might guess, virtually nothing has been done to this day, because the programmer is ruled by the code, but otherwise is a complete ignoramus (learned from me, what snippets are confuse them with anything else, I do not remember anything!!!). Designer and there was not (that website), so a good conversion is possible not to dream…
Contextual advertising
It’s standard: the minimum budgets in testing and targeting new audiences of Yandex. Reached 9 something points for Yandex and the maximum score for Google.
The report for 2 months of work

The results
The number of refusals decreased significantly, which can be seen from the graph above. Less bounce – more clients!
Traffic sources, all in black, I’m more interested in organics. Figure it out.
General chart showing the trend to increase traffic and visibility online in the search.
Not to mention the separate issue of item duplicates and other omissions that should prove in this company with particular zeal. For example, such areas for B2B as or TIA in = a complete slag, and it was easy to find information on the Internet. However, the head of the IT division of this company even after persuasion from my side repeatedly proving OBJECTIVELY that these areas are not suitable for business, still run out there advertising campaign, spending budget Director and it turns out about the following picture:
No comment, I think, in this case!