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How to sell Chinese crap – firm Multidom

Даниэль Загорный

BY Moscow is a company Conditioner who thinks that hacking other people’s accounts online, you may achieve something, but also selling Chinese I in the form multirank (accedentally, Jizerske, acemodel). Manages all this dibiloid D..of Niel ‘ “head” (my-japanamerican) to market Chinese shit, which crowded the market is. Moscow decided at the expense of regions to replenish their accounts in the social.networks (Russian, of course) and their accounts, which will soon turn into candy wrappers as their crappy lives… And the regions that they take for a penny ready to expose their fucking apelike under the firm “Multisrc”, but the litter will end soon!

So Peter is wielding a bunch of worthless Chicks at the head of Marina About..eskinol, the permanent litter chief Executive of the company. It is his stupid Piz..nkoy not understand what will come soon, but that’s her problem. For example, all places of work are mostly not professionals, as you know, the fucking wasps..their business – led H..anyelem (IT-Department of Moscow). The firm represents nothing at all – about 100 people from power, but boast plenty… If you decide to come to the interview prepared to look in all the corners in the camera (you shoot without any permission!), and also sign UP to employment agreement nondisclosure fucking them..nd the truth.

They Sell as is clear from the title of the article: Chinese shit, as you can see for yourself by looking at written for pennies reviews on popular resources. Why pennies? Yes, everything is simple – the company type “cool”, but the money, as you know, pays a bit – and why, if you can practically rent free Hu..Platov with networks that can only write through the ass…. The same copywriters and hire to his team divorcees.

NOw more on topic – go to the website and look right hanging there since time immemorial, the banner of their retail store, where they…I’m NOBODY visits! Except, of course Yes..ale Zag..tion – head of it-Department, which is not clear what criteria actually picked – not a professional on any issue, but as Alexander Nevsky, thinking that a serious view automatically adds points to IQ… Then no comment!

The Whole gang of shit-produvisa think that for the money, you can either write reviews, or to remove them by hacking accounts (look where bodies do not understand…), or to pretend that they are working on this for years (look at their poor sateska, and understand that in addition to fuck there is unlikely someone will be able to buy something…).

p.s. especially for a wild! Hacking attempts are punishable by law, not only Russian, so be careful, as the firm is dying….