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Discussed in today’s article will focus on the plugin content articles under the name of MultiAds. What is he like?


Many of you probably faced with the fact that you must put a link or some advertising materials at the bottom or top of the article. For these purposes uncomfortable every time to write a lot of code, especially if you have to put links on each page.
Also this plugin supports Google Ads, YPN and many other formats of ads. You are able to set the code at the top or bottom of the page before the contents page or after it. In any case, you have a chance to minimize input material.
Any amount of advertising.
Settings to use Google Adsense, increasing your CTR and CPC.
Option to show ads only to guests of the site.
The exception of certain categories of materials.
The block dangerous IP.
Delete access to some types of browsers and search engines.
Specific styles.
Multilingual support (English, Chinese, Japanese).