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3,1415 + the frequency of the sound in the first octave + R + S = MTC

МТС отзывы

The title reflects the essence of the operator of cellular communication of MTS, so today’s article sounds like it. To understand its meaning, do not have to learn a huge number of clever books, but simply to ask the people about what he thinks about this organization and to provide to the court their numerous negative reviews.

мтс отзывы

We start of course, with a pleasant quoted for MTS – the reviews on the net. If you see positive aspects in the quality of communication from the operator, please read the article to the end…
The score unit is the only one to be proud of the operator during his speeches at press conferences and publications in the network (Yes, it applies to you, the service is PR).
As you can see from the screenshots on the popular sites where you can leave a comment about a particular service, it is possible to understand one thing – MTS service is utter shit, as evidenced by the numerous complaints and accusations!

Can long and hard to dig the dirt on this “service”, but thousands of reviews about MTS can not lie…

Read what is written in them, and you will understand…

Job site
On the work site(s) MTS, that is a separate issue. It stinks, like all the work people involved in this “service”.
For example, the constant error of the server where the files are stored…
Or just “service unavailable”!

Waiting time and response of the operator
Regarding the customer service you can say one thing – she kindly takes off you. Ie smiling man steals your money, the request for payment (their violation) lasts 30 days…
Here is the screenshot of the time of dialing and talking with the operator. The dialer takes longer than 10-15 minutes, and the conversation of 3-4 minutes.

The results
Read above… +
If you just want to spend nerves, or are you wild pervert or a sadist, masochist, etc., that is the time to buy a SIM card from MTS! If you are a normal person, then run without looking back from the operator!